Monday, April 5, 2010

Mail from Japan and our little climber

We had a nice surprise in the mail - a present from Japan. Dean's cousin Yuko sent Sakura a nice gift - we love getting stuff from Japan, it's so unique, we especially love getting stuff with sakura blossoms all over it! Yuko sent Sakura several towels some with Pooh and Piglet, one teddy bear and a few covered in sakura blooms. So special and so sweet!

Sakura has mastered climbing - here she is exploring the dishwasher. She may not walk on her own, but she can sure get where she wants to go!

Fun playing in the dishwasher

Isn't this the cutest card? How is it that Japan Hallmark has this and we don't?
These little animals with sakura - so cute! We love this card!

Sakura's card and present - more sakura :)

Thanks Yuko - we ♥ everything!
We are all so lucky to have so many people that love and care about Sakura chan!


Misty Clark said...

How fun! I love that card too :) Don't you love that kids climb onto the dishwasher door. I'm sure walking won't be too far off. I can't wait :)

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

I love that card. What a nice present. We are in the same boat here with climbing, but no standing or walking without holding on. An what is so intriguing about the dishwasher?