Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Study Visit

My immediate worries are over. Last Saturday and Sunday we had our Home Study visit.

Our Adoption Social Worker Ralph arrived around 10:30 and we really had a nice visit. One question came up that Dean and I hadn't addressed - Guardianship if something were to happen to Me and Dean who would take care of our precious baby? Dean promptly suggested that his sister, Linda, and her husband, Mark, would fill that responsibility best. So I called and asked Mark (couldn't reach Linda, and Ralph needed to talk with them) and he said that they would do it!

Otherwise I think we had everything covered. Ralph asked a few questions about different pieces of our lives, childhood, etc. that we must have not addressed in our lengthy autiobiographies (8 pages each). Ralph will write up our report, send it to his boss, Catherine (Oasis Adoption Services), then they will send it to Lesley at Across the World Adoptions (ATWA) for her review before it is submitted to the Yuma Court for approval.

What comes next?

Well I know that we have to do some immigration paperwork. I am hoping to find out what exactly we need for that in this next week so we can have it ready once the Home Study is "signed" by the court - due to having to send a copy with this immigration stuff.

We have our book for our birthmother done - I'm hoping that comes back from the publisher within a week or two. We ordered a second copy so that the baby will have it when he/she gets older. We are trying to arrange our meeting with Lesley (ATWA) and Taz in Northern California the first week or so in November. We need to have our "Dear Birthmother" letter done to take with us for them to review.

Right now that is about all I know. Again thank you all for your prayers and support, I will post again when we know something new!


mykyl said...

Nice!!! Congratulations you two...I am so happy for you. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!


Susan said...

I am so excited for you both. I love the blog idea! It won't be long now and I can't wait to see your beautiful baby. I will keep you in my prayers.